Bahaara - Spring Collection'22

A vibrant medley of colours and patterns, Bahaara is all about settling into the season and enjoying beautiful spring days. 

As you immerse yourself in your favourite springtime activities, Bahaara takes you on a journey of appreciating the beauty of spring.

Cornflower Blue Kurta - Cottons Jaipur

Cornflower Blue Kurta

Like carefree cornflowers, this light, easy to carry and fashionable kurta is a wardrobe staple, irrespective of trends. The details are charming with Kota Doria bands at the collar, cuffs and hem. Best when draped with our Cornflower Striped Kota Dupatta which matches the trims.

Blue Border Kurta - Cottons Jaipur

Blue Border Kurta

Seamless border patterns flow into each other creating a panelled textile which is cleverly used in different directions for maximum impact. Subtly embellished on the curved yoke with beads and sequins, this kurta is all about being comfortable in what you wear.

Orchid Violet Kurta - Cottons Jiapur

Orchid Violet Kurta

Purple orchids symbolize royalty and dignity in this Kimono sleeved kurta. Baby blue French knots for flowers and sky blue gudri, waist and cuffs add to the sorbet tones. Perfect for lounging indoors or for a brunch with friends.

White Striped Shirt-Kurta

White Striped Shirt-Kurta

A short flat mandarin collar and hand made fabric buttons against a striped yoke, this modern kurta can be paired with blue jeans or our blue border afghani trousers for two different looks.

White Frill Dress - Cottons Jaipur

White Frill Dress

A tiered dress with a flounce hem and bell sleeves, this is fully lined and a stylish, fun buy. The blue bootas resemble a 'sarpech' (turban ornament) and the paisley border frill is tradition with a twist. We suggest you pair this with strappy sandals and maybe a white flower in your hair.

Fantasy Floral Angarkha - Cottons Jaipur

Fantasy Floral Angarkha

Choose purple accents with this floral lavendar in an angarkha silhouette. An easy slip on style in a mesmerising print, this is quality ethnic wear, perfectly tailored with flat piping and a tie-up cord ending in cute threadwork tassles.

Purple Cluster Top - Cottons Jaipur

Purple Cluster Top

Closely bunched flowers form splashes of colour on this cute, short top. Speckled with sequins and beads, this in demand royal colour is everywhere.


With spring in full swing, our Bahaara collection reminds you to enjoy the outdoors while nature is at its most beautiful. 

Bringing you bright florals and light, cascading fabrics with our latest range of casual wear. Shop our newest spring-oriented collection today.

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