Double Layered Kurta Collection

Style these Versatile Kurtas in several different ways, making it a complete look for all your moods and seasons.


Green Double Layered Kurta

Based in ancient architecture, Kangura applique forms geometric designs to look like mountain peaks. This intricate cutwork embroidery forms a dramatic yoke, with gudri lines to further accentuate this unique patchwork. Subtle green stripes are enhanced by the pale green inner kurta to result in a striking ensemble.


Pair it with:

Pale Green Afghani Salwar: Comfortable cotton trousers with an elasticated waistband and cuffed ankles, are the best choice to pair with short tops or kurtas.
Printed Green Kota Doria Dupatta: Pretty pink flowers against a pale green backdrop, this dupatta in fine Kota Doria will add elegance to any outfit.

No matter what the occasion, this overtly feminine double kurta will surely earn you compliments. Subtle pops of coloured stitch lines create a dramatic effect along the neck and cuffs. The sleeveless inner kurta has pretty floral bootis and can be worn separately with an afghani trouser, creating a second outfit by itself.


Pair it with:

Printed Afghani Salwar: Lines of delicate leaves on Afghani trousers are an example of style and comfort. Pair with suggested Iceberg Blue Kurta or any matching solid colour.
Pink and Blue Kota Doria Dupatta: Pretty flowers and tiny leaves in pink and blue give a textural finish to this breathable Kota Doria dupatta.

A rich chocolate coloured kurta with a deep open neck, it is highlighted by the sea blue inner peeping through; a classic pick for any get-together. Daywear can move into evening wear with the addition of a silver choker.


Pair it with:

Sky Blue Printed Afghani Salwar: Afghani trousers in yellow floral bootis on a sea blue woven fabric, this is a balance between style and comfort.

Sky Blue Kota Doria Dupatta: A dupatta in the colours of a deep blue sea with pretty borders, this has a dreamy effect which is comforting and hypnotic.

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