Shubh: Festive Collection 2021

Have you bought your Diwali outfit yet? Don’t panic if you haven’t. There is still enough time to order something special. We have something perfect to suit every taste and budget. Celebrate in style with the perfect festive look from our Shubh collection, which has been carefully crafted for the festive season.


Black Cotton Tie Up Anarkali :

This classic angarkha is a blend of versatility, comfort and style that can be saved in your closet for years to come. Pair your prettiest jootis with this easy to wear, wrapover with tie strings and a gathered skirt that ends at your ankles with bands of gold gota. A bright fuchsia dupatta, narrow black pants, a statement neckpiece.....and you are ready to go.

Pair it with:

Pink Kota Doria Dupatta :  A fuchsia pink doria dupatta with gold motifs and gota will set the playful mood for the evening.

Black Wide Leg Trousers : Ankle length, black trousers in a striped weave with an elasticated waistband is easy to slip on and will provide maximum comfort.


Blue Tie Up Anarkali with Zari and Sequins:

This half-wrap kurta crafted in a gentle cotton moss is traditional in style  
yet contemporary in detail. Contrast stitch lines stand out against the prussian 
blue yoke with silver sequins patterned in interesting ways, to heighten the 
Shine and bling effect. The A-line cut with high slits and V-neck add up to make the overall look incredibly effective.

Pair it with:

Polka Dotted Chiffon DupattaA sage green chiffon dupatta with polka dots and gold motifs is edged with a band of gold gota.

Blue Afghani SalwarPrussian blue afghani trousers, cuffed at the ankles are the best option for a textural finish.


Yellow Hand Embroidered V- Neck Cotton Kurta

An enticing V-neck ending with gathers along an asymmetrical bodice, this is very much a modern kurta. Traditional mustard is a dull gold like yellow which is tremendously adaptable. The subtly embellished sequins makes this a rich warm choice for the festive season.

Pair it with:

Rani Pink Kota Doria DupattaA metallic mulberry doria dupatta with gold gota edging the sides gives a modern high contrast touch here.

Yellow Narrow Leg TrousersNarrow trousers with little slits at the ankles, creates a monotone look when worn with a  mustard Kurta. 


Purple Hand Embroidered Cotton Anarkali :

Celebrate the season with this deep purple Kurta; the colour that symbolises spirituality and imagination. A deep V-neck on a bodice filled with rows and rows of gold thread work is finished on either side by sequins and tiny gold beads. The lower half of the kurta is closely gathered and ends at the hem with chunky gota bands to round off the look.

Pair it with:

Grey Kota Doria DupattaAn unusual steel grey coloured pair of afghani pants cuffed at the hem creates an unusual combination with the purple Kurta.

Grey Cotton Afghani SalwarA silvery doria Dupatta with gota edging is the perfect drape for this unusual combination of purple and grey.


Black Straight Fit Kurta With Gota

A solid black kurta in pure moss comes with a bold, captivating use of gota and dull gold 'khadi' bands to highlight the yoke and sleeves. Your favourite neckpiece will add a striking finish in drawing attention to the open round neckline. We strongly suggest you style this with a black sharara for maximum effect.

Pair it with:

Red Kota Doria DupattaA vermillion red kota doria Dupatta is a brilliant choice for a warm finish.

Black Cotton ShararaThis black 'sharara' will add a balanced yet dramatic look to your Kurta.


Green Gold Striped Hand Embroidered Kurta :

Forest green is an earth tone which works dramatically with delicate gold threads here. The colour green evokes healing  emotions of peace, renewal and good health. This edgy Kurta with multi directional gold highlights is your auspicious choice for the festive season.                                                   (Pretty much every shade of green is trending this season)

Pair it with:

Green Polka Dotted Chiffon Dupatta

This sage green chiffon Dupatta goes well with earth tones and creates a muted effect with its dark green dots and gota bands. 

Green Wide Leg Trousers :  This pair of green pants is restful on the eyes and the right choice for an evening of fun.


Red Gold Striped V- Neck Kurta :

Paint the town red, with power, love, vigour and beauty this Diwali. A royal combination of moss and gold zari this red kurta will stimulate and invigorate, making you more sensitive to your environment. A well defined neckline, a few gathers and finished with beads and sequins, you are set for everything happy and auspicious.

Pair it with:

Polka Dotted Peach Chiffon Dupatta A light salmon pink dupatta in chiffon with red polka dots and edged with gota is an out of the box suggestion for your red kurta.

Red Gold Striped Afghani Salwar : Red zari lines make this pair of Afghani trousers, cuffed at the ankle your best wardrobe addition. Wear it with any solid coloured kurta; red, green or white.

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