Dusty Pink Hydrangeas DressDusty Pink Hydrangeas Dress

Dusty Pink Hydrangeas Dress

₹ 2,190 (Inc. of GST)
Yellow Watercolour Halter DressYellow Watercolour Halter Dress
Sold out

Yellow Watercolour Halter Dress

₹ 2,890 (Inc. of GST)
Dreamy Peach Floral DressDreamy Peach Floral Dress
Sold out

Dreamy Peach Floral Dress

₹ 2,690 (Inc. of GST)
The Polka Dot Strappy DressThe Polka Dot Strappy Dress
Sold out

The Polka Dot Strappy Dress

₹ 1,799 (Inc. of GST)
Peasant DressPeasant Dress
Sold out

Peasant Dress

₹ 2,899 (Inc. of GST)
Oversized Shirt-DressOversized Shirt-Dress
Sold out

Oversized Shirt-Dress

₹ 2,199 (Inc. of GST)
Wildflower DressWildflower Dress
Sold out

Wildflower Dress

₹ 2,199 (Inc. of GST)
Peach Indian DressPeach Indian Dress
Sold out

Peach Indian Dress

₹ 2,400 (Inc. of GST)
Lotus Dragonfly DressLotus Dragonfly Dress
Sold out

Lotus Dragonfly Dress

₹ 2,100 (Inc. of GST)
Full Front Open Dress ALT #colour_peachFull Front Open Dress ALT #colour_peach

Full Front Open Dress

₹ 2,199 (Inc. of GST)

Embody Sophistication with our trendy dresses for women. Whatever your taste, we have something in store for you. For those of you who prefer getting a tan we have our mini dresses with fitted or semi-fitted silhouettes. Light and airy, they are perfect for the summer season. For women who prefer to wear long dresses we have Maxi dress and Midi dress which extend beyond the knees. Their length accentuates sophistication and grace, highlighting one's femininity while remaining flattering and fluid to wear. 


Our collection ranges from semi traditional to western dresses, varying with different lengths, fits, sleeve styles, silhouettes, prints, details and colours. All our dresses are handcrafted with love and have a touch of femininity, comfort and a sense of elegant beauty. Being versatile and comfortable, the dresses can help one achieve a casual yet smart look. They can be worn during various occasions be it a day in the office, a day out with your friends, a family dinner, a lazy day at home. 


Spruce up your wardrobe and dress to impress with our collection of cotton dresses online. Each garment has been Beautifully crafted to resonate with your personal style and it'll be sure to earn you compliments.