1. Availability:

  • At cottonsjaipur.com you can find new products almost every week, just like in our stores.
  • However, if the item you want is “Out Of Stock” click the “Notify Me” button to get notified when the item will be back in stock. 

Note: We try to have an available stock for every item displayed on our website. However, if we realize an item purchased by you is unavailable, we will notify you within 3 working days. 


2. Size:

  • To help you find your correct size, we have a "Size Guide" on every product page which uses a product-specific silhouette showing the essential measurements such as the chest, length and waist of the garment, thus helping you make the best decision to fit your body type.
  • Please check the “Size Guide” of each of your ordered products as the sizes may differ because each garment is draped and fitted differently. The overall fit depends on the cut, fabric and styling of each garment. Some are meant to be fitted and some more relaxed.
  • If you have any questions regarding the size guide, feel free to contact the design team to help choose your perfect size.  (Mob:+91-73579 96444, Email: care@cottonsjaipur.com)


3. Features & Care:

  • Materials: As the name suggests, at ‘Cottons Jaipur’ most garments are made of natural cotton fabric. However, for certain styles, we also use Chiffon, Silks, Modal, Kota Doria, Chanderi and Cotton Moss. 
  • Care Instructions: Care instructions can be found with each product on our website as well as on the cloth labels stitched inside the clothing.
  • It is advisable to follow these carefully to preserve your garments well.
  • We use all-over layout print and the positioning of the printed design may be different from that displayed in this picture.


4. New Arrivals:

  • We introduce new prints and styles every Saturday.