Colours to wear on each day this Navratri.

The auspicious festival of Navratri celebrates the prominent battle between Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura and signifies the victory of good over evil.

This year, Navratri falls between 26th September 2022 to 5th October 2022, nine days that are solely dedicated to Durga and her nine avatars – the Navadurga. A lesser known fact about the festival is that each day is associated with a specific colour to honour an incarnation of the Goddess!

This gives us the opportunity to play dress up and don different colours for the different days of Navratri. Not only is this practice fun, but its also said to be auspicious. After all, what’s life without a little colour?


Navratri Day 1 - Pratipada

Colour of the day - White

The colour white is synonymous with purity and innocence. It is the symbol of eternal peace, prayer, faith, and stability. Wearing white on Navratri invites the blessings of the Goddess. It is believed that Goddess Durga cleanses the minds and spirits of those adorned in white and protects them from harm.

This kurta is our take on the traditional Lal-Par saree which has the staple combination of red and cream; considered auspicious. Off white stands for purity and red symbolizes fertility. The beautiful embellishments in these colors are the highlight of this vibrant kurta.


Navratri Day 2 - Dwitiya

Colour of the day - Red

The second day of Navratri is all about the colour Red. A symbol of passion, love, vigour, and vitality, red is the most popular color of Chunri that is draped on the idol of the Goddess. Wearing red on this auspicious day is said to bring out courage and bravery in devotees to defeat their sins and distresses.


Red represents Goddess Durga and symbolizes new beginnings and feminine power. This gathered kurta with zari has ivory motifs on the yoke edged with a delicate line of beads making it a good choice for Saptami, seventh day of puja where a traditional outfit is to be worn. 


Navratri Day 3 - Tritiya

Colour of the day - Royal Blue

This vivid shade of blue is as elegant as it is rich. This royal colour has a certain panache and wearing it signifies good health and prosperity and represents the finer things in life.


Zig zag lines are embroidered in bold pink to stand out against a calming blue backdrop. Add to this a gently rounded hem, inseam hip pockets, and cute square buttons; all connect to give this kurta a stylish look.


Navratri Day 4 - Chaturthi

Colour of the day - Yellow

The fourth day is dedicated to the bright and cheery colour yellow. This joyful colour fills people with a sense of warmth, optimism and positivity. Wearing this colour during Navratri signifies ushering in brightness and warding off negativity.


This vivid lemon yellow kurta with gold accents is traditional in style and detailing. Intricate gota patti and zardozi motifs create a captivating yoke which is the centerpiece of this style. Golden 'jhaalar' gota at the sleeves adds the finishing pop of colour to make this the perfect kurta for a special occasion.


Navratri Day 5 - Panchmi

Colour of the day - Green

The colour of nature is a symbol of growth, fertility, and serenity. Green also represents new beginnings in life. We wear green during the Navratri festival to pay homage to Mother Nature and evoke a sense of tranquillity and peace.


An overdyed printed fabric creates an interesting, faded look, giving the kurta a vintage finish. Add to this a contrasting colored yoke in strips of kota doria speckled with intricate sequins and you have a unique kurta for the festive season.


Navratri Day 6 - Sashti

Colour of the day - Grey

Grey is used to celebrate the goodness of the Goddess Kalaratri, considered the destructor of everything evil in the world. To honour the Goddess, Grey is worn during the festival to remove negative energy from your life and bring balance in emotions and a refined understanding of the world.


This metallic shade of grey is sophisticated and unique. An eye-catching patched yoke in peach and pink offsets the pewter layers to maximum effect. Little gold sequins in diagonal lines add a flattering touch.


Navratri Day 7 - Saptami

Colour of the day - Orange

On this day, the colour orange is worn to reflect uplifted spirits and devotion to the Goddess. The colour is known to radiate positive energy and bestow people with warmth and exuberance. This happy colour also symbolises brightness and knowledge.


Firecrackers exploding in a riot of colors, this fresh-looking kurta is a crackling buy. The complementing yellow and orange yoke and sleeves create pure chemistry here.


Navratri Day 8 - Ashtami

Colour of the day - Peacock Green

The exquisite peacock green colour implies uniqueness and individuality. The color is royal in itself and always offers a luxurious look to the wearer. This powerful shade of rich green is believed to fulfill the desires of devotees and signifies the fulfillment of wishes.


This kurta is an angarkha silhouette with a wrap yoke and gathered side panels. Perfectly tailored, this is simplified and streamlined for easy wearing. The little details of 'gudri' and sequins add a stylish touch.


Navratri Day 9 - Navami

Colour of the day - Pink

Pink is a universally loved colour that is associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Wearing pink on this day of Navratri celebrations symbolizes love, hope, upliftment and harmony. It is an attractive and calming colour that makes the wearer appear friendly and approachable, while adding oodles of charm to their personality.


Make your festive fantasies come true in this elegant gathered kurta. The soft muted pink is a gorgeous color and a guaranteed winner. Yokes at the back and front in sheer textured Chanderi and hand rolled fabric buttons give an edge to the garment.


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