Cottons is a socially responsible company known for its fairly priced, well finished, stylish clothing.

Our fabrics draw inspiration from Rajasthan, a region famous for its vibrant and colourful prints.

To ensure consistently good quality most of our production is done in-house.

To have self-motivated staff our HR policy is guided by our Employee Value Proposition system wherein employees are given benefits beyond what is mandated by law.

Cottons funds the 'KACHNAAR CHARITABLE TRUST' that is run by volunteers from the company. Its primary focus is Rural Development in Rajasthan mainly in Bhairupura village, near Alwar.

Cottons also supports the following causes:

"UMANG" an NGO working towards rehabilitation of persons with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Autism and Multiple Disability. We promote the sale of products made by the children of UMANG through our retail outlets on a no-profit basis.

These products are much appreciated by visitors to our stores.

HELP-IN-SUFFERING is an  NGO based in Jaipur that takes care of sick birds and animals in their shelter. We help sell their signature products like diaries, greeting cards and handbags through our stores.

‘PEHCHAAN’ is a Mumbai based NGO that works for the homeless and pavement dwellers of the city. We sell ‘doll keychains’ made by some of these street dwellers.

COTTONS has also partly funded the TITANWALA MUSEUM in Bagru which displays photographs,  fabrics, wooden blocks, tools and vessels used in the printing process since hundreds of years. The museum, established by Shri Suraj Narain Titanwala, a National Awardee Printer himself  was inaugurated by Smt. Smriti Irani in February 2019.